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Os limites do FUNDEB no financiamento do Ensino Médio (The limits of FUNDEB in Secondary School financing)

Ramon de Oliveira

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In December 2006, the Funding for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and Valorization of Education Professionals (FUNDEB) was approved conditioned to last 14 years in substitution of FUNDEF (Funding for Maintenance and Development of Basic School and Valorization of Teaching). This text aims at discussing the repercussions of FUNDEB for Secondary School/High School and argues that its implementation will not improve teachers´ salaries of this level of teaching, nor will bring any repercussions to the conditions of its offer. The discussion presupposes that in despite of the federal government assuming the legal commitment of directing more funds to basic education, the central objective of FUNDEB is to reaffirm that Fundamental Scholl (1st to 8th grade) is the stage of basic education which deserves more of their focus.


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