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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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O(s) currículo(s) da Educação Física e a constituição da identidade de seus sujeitos (The curriculum(a) of Physical Education and the constitution of identity of its subjects)

Mário Luiz Ferrari Nunes and Kátia Rúbio

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The recently debate of education on cultural and educational contemporary theories indicate the need of critically approaching the curriculum as a way of cultural policy which influences the constitution of the identity. As a historical element of the education, Physical Education throughout its trajectory, connected in its curriculum the essential necessity for the constitution of identities essential for the political project organized by the state. This article analyses the Physical Education curriculums and infers the identities which were thought to guarantee the construction of a model of society determined by the interests of the dominant groups and executed through the state educational policies in which supports and reproduces its hegemony.


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