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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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A Educação Física em contextos multiculturais: concepções docentes acerca da própria prática pedagógica (Physical Education in multicultural contexts: teachers' conceptions of their own pedagogical practice)

Marcos Garcia Neira

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The multiculturalism has become one of the biggest barriers to the homogeneous traditional education. Therefore, the school lives with a certain tension between the advertised corporal culture and the background presented for its users. The body, comprehended here as a cultural construct has suffered, facing the intense campaign of messages and practices, which intend to format it under the view of hegemonic culture. Among countless ways of expressions and communication, the cultural differences emerge also, in the “texts” produced and reproduced by the body. With the intention of promoting reflection about these questions, the present investigation used the ethnography of the pedagogical practices in Physical Education in multicultural contexts. For this matter, observation, filmings and interviews. The data were analyzed and confronted with the multicultural and curricular theorization. As a relevant discovery it was found that the multicultural perspective elected by the teachers is reflected in their pedagogical action.


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