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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Pedagogias visuais do feminino: arte, imagens e docência (Visual pedagogies of the feminine: art, images, and teaching)

Luciana Gruppelli Loponte

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In this article, focused on images of the feminine, art and teaching, I seek to find ways, in the imagetic field of visual arts, to reflect about the constitution of feminine subjectivities in our time. I analyze images produced by female and male artists, particularly in contemporary art, in order to discuss the multiple faces of the feminine in education or, more specifically, of the visual pedagogies of the feminine. Between the lines of my questions I ask: in what ways does teaching feed on those images and other images of the feminine? Here I discuss images produced by artists, as well as images that are part of the visual and “pedagogical” universe of schools, such as certain images in text books aimed pre-school education teachers and early basic education teachers, in order to reflect on the constitution of feminine modes of subjectivation for teaching.


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