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Os saberes docentes de futuros professores de História: a especificidade do conceito de tempo (History major student teacher's knowledge: the specificity of time concept)

Marlene Rosa Cainelli

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Based on the internship reports carried out between 2004 and 2005 at the State University of Londrina, this research aims at discussing which historic concepts of time were utilized by the future History teachers during their supervised training time when they were teaching Secondary and High School students, between the 1980’s – 20th century, and the beginning of the 21th century. The analyses were done based on the lesson plan investigations and on the texts explored with the future teachers during the classes. We have also investigated how the concepts of time are presented during the lesson preparation time, attempting to verify what kind of relationships are established with the Brazilian curriculum changes as well with the teaching history changes proposed from the 1980’s, aiming at noticing if the transformations in the historiography and in the history teaching had influence on the way the future teachers worked on concepts of time during their supervised practical training experience.


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