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Currículo sem Fronteiras
 A journal for a critical and emancipatory education   ISSN 1645-1384

O lugar da escritura na prática curricular dos cursos de formação de professores da educação básica (The role of writing in curricular practice of teacher education programs for primary and secondary schooling)

Marilda Pasqual Schneider

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The writing practice is an essential tool to build a critical and reflexive conscience, transforming itself, for this reason, in a common activity for the curricular practices in teacher education programs. The purpose of this study is to cause a reflection about the centrality/decentrality of the writing practice in undergraduate courses and its consequences in the formation of teachers. The theoretical conceptions adopted, as well as the results from an analysis of a didactic elaboration about opinion articles, lead to the study of textual genres as an important element to the curricular organization of these courses. According to Dolz, Noverraz and Schneukly, the genre has been conceived as an instrument of the subject’s action and as a material or symbolic product which breaks the instrumental and dogmatic perspective of texts’ writing. In consequence, it permits the complex process of literacy which contributes for the teacher’s professionalism.


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