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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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A transversalidade e a construção de novas subjetividades pelo currículo escolar (Transversality and the creation of new subjectivities by school curriculum)

Virgínia Coeli Bueno de Queiroz Matias

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This paper will discuss the curriculum as one of the important components in the production of new subjectivities in the contemporary world. To this end it is based on the field of Curriculum and Schizoanalysis, as a highly theoretical revolutionary movement, not merely a criticism, but refers to interventions in the social, political and cultural fields in a willing production process without hierarchies. Thus, the Schizoanalysis helps us to think beyond an universal curriculum, to non-discriminatory and non-exclusive ones, capable of producing a school that works and potencialize differences. In this study, the School Curriculum was addressed in a perspective that goes beyond the simple narrative, to focus production processes, considered in its full complexity and heterogeneity. Thus, it inevitably uses the idea of transversality of Guattari, as a strategy for addressing the various individual, collective and institutional bodies that consolidate themselves in the production of new subjectivities that, increasingly, present themselves as plural and polyphonic. The school curriculum, one of the constituent elements of that construction, overcomes reductionist visions, to assert itself as a production that will incorporate, also the built knowledge that will organize itself, continuously, making up through the sensitivity and by various points of view, overcoming binary logic.


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