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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Currículo e organização: as equipas educativas como modelo de organização pedagógica (Curriculum and organization: educational teams as a model of pedagogical organization)

João Formosinho e Joaquim Machado

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The massification of the Portuguese school in the last decades of the twentieth century entails quantitative and qualitative transformations that do not address the inadequacy of its organizational structures to deal with the new problems and the new goals posed to this school. The introduction of a set of curricular changes has shown, on one hand, the impossibility of schools being changed by decree and on the other hand the resilience of a school model based on transmission and served by professionals socialized in a culture of individualist teaching. The realization that teachers are capable of collaborating on projects and that the renovation of practices do not belong to the "decree logic", but can be part of an "interactive professionalism", have been stimulating team work. These form of organizing the work in schools demands, if they are to be effects in classrooms, institutional support that allows flexible grouping of students, the development of integrated curriculum governance projects, and the formation of multidisciplinary teams of teachers. At the same time, the educational team model suggests a diversity of projects in the organization and intermediary governance of school.


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