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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Formação geral e mundo do trabalho: horizontes em disputa (General education and the realm of work: horizons in dispute)

Georgia Sobreira dos Santos Cêa e Simone Sandri

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This text aims at presenting and problematizing some of the current ideas in the field of curriculum in order to, starting from that, promote a reflection about other interpretative possibilities of the relationships between human formation and the realm of work. In order to do so, the theoretical exercise of this text departs from the presentation of the main resulting changes of the education reform of the nineties, emphasizing the structural context in which the curricular reform is situated. In what follows, I present and problematize the arguments present in the National Curricular Guidelines and Parameters for secondary schools, something that characterize the common sense present in the curriculum field. Finally, the character of human formation is characterized as an object of social dispute, in which the curricular issues represent a conflicted and disputed field, formed by a complex set of intentionalities and relationships that can configure different formative horizons.


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