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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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O multiculturalismo e o papel da pesquisa na formação docente: uma experiência de currículo em ação (Multiculturalism and the role of research in teacher education: an experience of curriculum in action)

Ana Canen

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The present article is based on a post-colonial multicultural approach. It argues that a stronger link between studies dealing with multiculturalism and those that delve into educational research could enhance discussion both on multiculturalism and on educational research itself, understood as a narrative, a discourse produced within unequal power relations and plural cultural perspectives. It discusses possibilities for such an articulation and analyses the curriculum in action developed within the context of a subject about Multiculturalism in Education, delivered within a Teacher Education course in a public University in Brazil. Data suggest potentials and challenges in the area and point to possible perspectives of study within multiculturalism and educational research in teacher education.


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