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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Evidências patrimoniais para a educação histórica: uma experiência educativa no Centro Histórico de Guimarães (Patrimonial evidence to history education: an educative experience at the Historical Center of Guimarães)

Maria Helena Pinto

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The study intended to investigate some of the possibilities of Heritage Education by means of a theoretical approach to conceptual relationships of Heritage and Education and an educational experiment carried out in a specific context – a walk with children and adolescents through a Historic Centre. The method of the study assumed a descriptive, mainly qualitative approach with exploratory contours as such type of systematic research on Heritage Education is still emerging in Portugal. A sample of twenty participants living in Guimarães - a world heritage site - was split into two groups (one aged 8 to 11, another aged 12 to 14). Data were collected during the walking tour by use of instruments specifically designed for that purpose. Shared verbalisation was recorded by the researcher. Data analysis provided a model of categorization inspired in Museum and Education works and historical cognition. Three conceptual patterns were inductively generated: a) understanding of observed features in the light of personal experience; b) understanding of observed features in the light of personal experience and a restricted historical knowledge; c) creative and personal reflection, in a synthesis exercise. This study emphasizes that pursuing heritage education in an impressionist approach is not enough. Therefore there is the need to designing, employing and evaluating activities and materials addressed to specific publics.


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