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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Circulação de saberes e mediação institucional em documentos oficiais: análise de uma proposta curricular para o ensino de Língua Portuguesa (Knowledge circulation and institutional mediation in official documents: analysis of a curricular proposal for teaching Portuguese)

Émerson de Pietri

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Different understandings of conceptions such as “teaching”, “school” and “language” are found in a Portuguese language curricular proposal, produced in Brazil, in the 1980s. Aiming at characterizing these differences, this paper observes: i) the role played by an Education Department in the construction of a Portuguese language curricular proposal, and the main characteristics of its discourse; ii) academic discourses that founded, in that document, teaching change proposals; iii) the tension degrees resulting of different editions of the document. This article analyzes the understandings that may result from different aims attributed to the same document in different historical moments.


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