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Educação histórica: o uso de ferramentas culturais relacionadas com a diversidade de experiências e atitudes dos estudantes (History education: the use of cultural tools related to the diversity of experiences and attitudes of students)

Irene Nakou

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The paper discusses three basic questions referring to history education today in relation to the broad public uses of history: Why can we consider skills for historical interpretation important for historical literacy? On what basis new types of formal and informal history education could enable subjects construct historical knowledge and consciousness in historical terms? Can we predict the diversity of students’ experiences and attitudes towards History? The discussion is primarily based a) on a theoretical analysis of the educational terms in which the use of alternative cultural tools could enable subjects to approach History in historical terms, and b) on the preliminary results of a study of the diversity of subjects’ attitudes towards History, towards the past and present realities, on the basis of different experiences related to different childhoods.


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