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Currículo sem Fronteiras
 A journal for a critical and emancipatory education   ISSN 1645-1384

A educação num contexto de hegemonia ideológica neoliberal (Education in a context of neoliberal ideological hegemony)

Manuel António Ferreira da Silva

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One of the characteristics of Modernity, especially the one we are experiencing, if Bauman (1999) is right, is "ambivalence". In the educational field, as well as in the social field in which it takes part, this characteristic can be perceived even more accurately, due to the familiar nature it has, one that Sociology has pointed out from early on. When "ambivalence" becomes cacophony, we lose the ability of communicating. On the other hand, when we communicate only at the level of "surface structures, we run the risk of establishing false consensus, leading to different practices based on similar theories. The first goal of this paper is to contribute to highlight some of the main topics in use in the educational field or how they relate to each other, so they are not indiscriminately or even savagely used. Discussing whether constitutes the "social issue" of present time is the first question to which we direct our attention and we conclude that perhaps education plays this role. In the second part, we discuss the relation between education and formation, with the aim of contributing to the conceptual formalization of both topics. Finally, we contribute to something we call articulation between the systems of education and formation, highlighting some of the principles that should guide this work.


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