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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Corpo e Gênero nas práticas escolares de Educação Física (Body and Gender in Physical Education school practices)

Francis Madlener de Lima and Nilson Fernandes Dinis

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Historically, in the capitalist society, physical education became an important tool to adapt the bodies to the new production model. The gymnastics methods and the later physical education insertion into the schools impose body shapes with a self discipline, a self internalization and a self regulation by the fellow. All school physical education methods maintain these roots of practices before connected to a labors production and physical and moral qualification. These school practices continue to solidify the individual distinction by physical abilities and biological sex through the standard social roles attached to each gender. Physical education classes divide girls and boys and impose characteristics on each one to support that man has a standard active, aggressive, and competitive role, leaving the opposite characteristics to women. This article aims to understand these ways of subjects’ production and their gender identities in the present physical education practices..


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