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Narrativas históricas nos livros escolares: a perspectiva dos alunos (History narratives in textbooks: the students' perspectives)

Yi-Mei Hsiao

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This paper reports the findings of a small-scale study held in a junior high school in Taiwan. The study is based on an open-ended questionnaire and an interview. It explores 94 Taiwanese students’ (13 to 15 year-old) confidence in historical accounts presented in textbooks, and investigates students’ ideas when facing different accounts of the war between China and Japan (1937) in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Singaporean history textbooks. The results show that most of the students in the sample have an authoritative view of textbooks. Moreover, regarding the students’ ideas of different accounts, the students’ explanations include: writing styles, inadequate knowledge, and author perspective. The results also suggest that criteria for the students’ decisions for a more reliable account are mainly everyday ideas and the students rarely mention evidence. This paper concludes by suggesting some practical implications in history teaching such as: understanding the role of textbooks, presenting different accounts, and promoting the use of evidence.


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