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Perspectivas de alunos do ensino secundário sobre a interculturalidade e o conhecimento histórico (The views of high school students on interculturality and history knowledge)

Júlia Castro

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The intercultural approach has been defined and redefined pointing out to a conceptual matrix that is informed by the large scope of Human and Social Sciences. The historical knowledge is one of the areas that put important questions to the intercultural approach, thus frequently intercultural issues are posed in the context of History Education. Some questions put by an intercultural approach to Portuguese youngsters historical thinking are the focus of this study. This paper presents some data (a brief synthesis of an empirical study of a descriptive, mostly qualitative nature) about the interconnection between the conceptual matrix that emerges from the debate on intercultural education (with concepts such as Difference, Diversity, Relation, and Universality) and students’ ideas about historical Empathy and Significance.


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