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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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As etapas da formação profissional em mercados internos de trabalho (The steps in internal markets professional development)

Jorge Alberto Rosa Ribeiro

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This study analyzes the evolution of the policies around the workers’ professional development in the electric sector of Spain. It emphasizes that the implementation of formative policies and practices inside big business organizations of the sector implicate in a collection of relations linked to the productive structure of the sector (kinds of sources, reach of the distribution net and potency of the central distribution facilities), to the regulation of work relations – both external and internal – in the companies (regulation of work, policy of negotiation, promotion and professional development), and to the formative conception formulated and experimented (management model, formation settings, kinds of formative school, pedagogic tendencies and teachers characteristics). This research made possible to make apparent the degree of institutionalization of the relations described above. In this sense, they expand, in a significant way, the variables that interfere with the emerging permanent professional development policies. The study tries to contribute with the debate about the nature and dynamics of internal work markets and with the research about professional education transformations after the 50’s.


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