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Políticas de currículo em Portugal e (im)possibilidades da escola se assumir como uma instituição curricularmente inteligente (Curriculum policies in Portugal and the (im)possibilities of schools becoming a curricularly intelligent institution)

Carlinda Leite

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The aim of this text is to analyze some of the decisions taken in Portugal, in recent years, in the context of the curricular policies and, therefore, have a close look into the conditions in schools to mobilize their capabilities of identifying the problems and organizing suitable interventions. From these policies, we focus on those that took place in the turn of century at the organization of the basic education levels, pointing the school and teachers/educators as the agents for curricular decisions. Having those curricular policies as the background, recent decisions by the Office of Education are evaluated; these decisions substantially increase teachers' duties to guarantee an all-day work at schools and a complete fulfilment of the students’ schedules.


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