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Currículo sem Fronteiras
 A journal for a critical and emancipatory education   ISSN 1645-1384

Conhecimento, Interesse e poder na produção de políticas curriculares (Knowledge, self interest, and power in curriculum policy creation)

Rosanne Evangelista Dias e Silvia Braña López

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This article focuses the agents and groups organized in epistemic communities that actuate producing knowledge by influencing and divulgating diagnosis and solutions of/to curriculum policies in Brazil and other nations. We analyze the Unesco Delors’ Report and other curricular texts provided by this important multilateral agency and educational public policies diffuser. In these texts, we identify ideas and knowledge about curriculum policies for teacher education and educational assessment programs. We recognize the multilateral funding agencies and the concepts and ideas exchanges across different nations as part of the epistemic communities net. We defend that agents and groups, who stand positions in the context of influence, lead the creation of discourses on teacher education and educational evaluation policies which are taken by the government states. We base our work in the contexts of production of curricular policies developed by Stephen Ball.


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