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Geografia da infância: territorialidades infantis [Childhood geography: children's territoriality]

Jader Janer Moreira Lopes and Tânia de Vasconcellos

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From the research built during our academic life, carried out in different Brazilian localities, we have paid attention to the relations established in the interface of the distinct childhoods, their routine and their spatial contexts. We have been situating our scholarship on the borders of these themes, something we have been calling “Geography of Childhood”. The term is justified, since children, when sharing their reality among them, are going to establish a horizontal relation of identity between them and they are going to build a vertical relation of identification with the adults, constituting real conceptions that enable the experience of their childhood inside the logic of social organization of the group. This article is an invitation of two researchers for a discussion about the area of knowledge entitled “Geography of Childhood”. In this paper we are going to show the origin of such theme and the concepts around it: space, place, territory, identities and childhood.


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