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Currículo sem Fronteiras
 A journal for a critical and emancipatory education   ISSN 1645-1384

Apresentação: tempos e espaços das infâncias [Introduction: Childhood Times and Spaces]

Ana Cristina Coll Delgado and Fernanda Muller

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The dossier gathers Brazilian and Portuguese research discussing times and spaces of childhood in the XXI century. The articles present perspectives on the organization of childhood times and spaces, which are not only confined to the way adults organize the world. We have no doubts that school has great legitimacy when it determines childhood, connecting it with schooling. Children are understood as students. Childhood is confounded with a schooling stage – Childhood Education. The time demarcations are also products of the knowledge construction along the history and it is this time, counted and submitted to an economic rationality that will articulate with the childhood times. Although the spaces are ready, built and idealized by us, adults, they do not guarantee human relations based on feelings that respect diversity and the childhood pluralities included in them. The research represented in this dossier brings diverse and singular empirical and theoretical experiences, transgressing the universal interpretations, focusing on times and spaces where childhoods are experienced in different ways. The question is, indeed, to understand how children resist and reinterpret the reality in order to guarantee their childhood.


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