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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Culturas Infantis, tensões e negociações entre adultos e crianças numa creche domiciliar [Childhood cultures, tensions and negotiations among adults and children in a home nursery]

Ana Cristina Coll Delgado

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The article analyses childhood cultures, the tensions and negotiations between adults and children of a home day nursery in a working class district in the city of São Gonçalo (Brazil). The theoretical approach entails studies of Sociology of Childhood, gender and working-class families. In the day nursery socialization processes, I understood children as active subjects who originate practices and representations about the world where they interact. But it is impossible to ignore the limits of social space in which they are socialized, as well as the tensions and negotiations experienced with the adults. Even with their peer cultures interfering with the routine of the day nursery, they are part of a neighbourhood, of working-class family groups who have ways of socialization and logics very peculiar to the environment of origin. Although I have not found a formalized pedagogical proposal in the quotidian, the analysis evidence that there are educative relations between adults and children, which reflect the family expectations about the education of their children.


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