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Um Dispositivo de eLearning no Ensino Presencial Universitário:
Avaliação do seu Valor Educativo [Using an eLearning tool in the University: an Evaluation of its Educational Value]

Lia Raquel Oliveira

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In the context of a research-development study in the area of Educational Technology, an eLearning environment was created (website, dynamic, interactive and multimedia data-base) aimed at supporting any teaching content at the university. In this way, in-class learning can become more flexible in terms of both time and space, thus making the students’ learning process more effective. This environment was implemented and evaluated through a case study (in a natural context, 2001/2002) at the University of Minho. Now we present a replica of that study, undertaken within the Project “Transforming pedagogy at the university - experiences of research into teaching and learning” (TPU, University of Minho, Center for Research into Education). This second study focusses on the evaluation of the educational potential of the environment with the collaboration of peers, and its final aim is to produce recommendations about the use of these kind of resources. The study took place in 2003/2004, within the course of Pedagogical Practice II - Educational Technology (annual, laboratory) in the 3rd year of teaching degrees in Biology/Geology, Portuguese/French, English/German, Portuguese/German, and History. It involved 78 students and 8 colleagues.


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