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“Na Sombra das Maiorias Silenciosas”: por uma Educação Autêntica e Transformadora [“In the Shadow of Silent Majorities”: for an Authentic and Trasformative Education]

Maria Alfredo Moreira

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This text presents a case study undertaken in the school year of 2003/04 at the University of Minho. The study was developed with 27 students in the 4th year of a Portuguese-English Teaching Degree, in the course of English Language Teaching Methodology. Aiming at exploring a pedagogy for autonomy in initial English language teacher education, this study is oriented towards the implementation of a transformative and critical approach to language education and pedagogy at the university. It integrates the teacher’s professional development and the promotion of students’ autonomy. Its results validate a pedagogical approach focussed on the development of the principles of Relevance, Reflectivity, Self-direction, and Democratisation.


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