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Greve na escola secundária ‘Northern’: currículo, raça e sucesso em Detroit [The 'Northern' High School strike: curriculum, race and success in Detroit]

Barry Franklin

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This essay examines the April 1966 student walkout at Detroit's all-black Northern High School and what the boycott tells about the conflict between blacks and whites in that city over the education of African-American youth. The starting point for the essay is an examination of the walkout and what that protest tells about black-white divisions over education in Detroit. The essay then seeks to establish a context for the walkout by looking first at the conflicts beginning in the late 1950's between and among blacks and whites over curriculum differentiation and student transfer policies and then at the appearance on the scene in the aftermath of the boycott of a black nationalist movement. Next, the essay explores how the walkout and the events surrounding it served as a unifying force to construct a sense of community among Detroit's black population. The essay concludes by considering why this instance of the forming of a black community is worthy of attention.



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