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Quem ganhou a 2ª Guerra Mundial? Retratos das Forças Aliadas nos Manuais de História das Escolas Norte-Americanas, Inglesas, Japonesas e Suecas [Who Won World War II? Portrayals of the Allied Coalition in US, English, Japanese and Swedish School History Textbooks]

Stuart Foster e Jason Nicholls

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This article analyzes how the World War II history is presented in textbooks from the UK, the US, Japan, and Sweden. The selected textbooks were sere submitted to a textual analysis base on (i) the sequential organization and content analysis and (ii) the perspective and narrative tenor. The three targeted areas were (i) the beginning of World War II, (ii) the main events and battles, and (iii) the end of the war. The analysis specially revealed the way by which nations tend to portray World War II from their own cultural, historical, and geopolitical perspectives.



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