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Deixando as crianças para trás: a educação urbana, a política de classes e as máquinas do capitalismo transnacional [Leaving children behind: urban education, class politics, and the machines of transnational capitalism]

Dennis Carlson

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This article discusses educative practices in the context of conservative and progressive educational reforms. The author analyzes the experience of a democratic reform in a Cincinnati school in the mid 90’s. To debate the experience the author attempts to construct a Post-structural Marxism approach, using the contributions of Gramsci, Foucault, and Guattari. He also examines the experience of action-research and its relation to broader contexts of educational reform, discussing its limits and potentiality. The author also analyzes the discourse of conservative reforms and youth control policies, showing how schools operate as machines of urban schooling. Finally, he discusses the possibilities of educative practices being influenced by hegemonic or counter-hegemonic discourses.


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