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O Neoliberalismo Global, a Resistência e a Deformação da Educação [Global Neo-Liberalism, the Deformation of Education and Resistance]

Dave Hill

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This article is available in English at the The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, where it was originally published. Click here to access it (a new window will be opened; you will be leaving Currículo sem Fronteiras because this is an outside link to JCEPS).


In this paper I position the increasing inequality inside and between education and economic and social systems within the policy context of global neo-liberal Capitalism. Restructuring of schooling and education has taken place internationally under pressure from local and international capitalist organizations and compliant governments. In this paper I examine some effects of neo-liberal policies. These have increased inequalities globally and nationally, diminished democratic accountability and stifled critical thought-by compressing and repressing critical space in education today. I critique neo-liberal theory in education policy and suggest how the marketization of education has deformed a number of aspects of education: its goals, motivations, methods, standards of excellence and standards of freedom in education. Capital and neo-liberal ideology and policy seek to neutralize and destroy potential pockets of resistance to global corporate expansion and neo-liberal Capital, serving to perpetuate the interests of Capital at the expense of the global and national working class. The intrusion of Capital into education threatens to undermine one important site for its contestation. I conclude by looking at sites of resistance to the global neo-liberal deformation of education and society and by calling for education and other cultural workers to work towards economic and social equality.



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