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Dilemas do nosso tempo: globalização, multiculturalismo e conhecimento (entrevista com Boaventura de Sousa Santos) [Dilemmas of our time: globalization, multiculturalism, and knowledge (Interview with Boaventura de Sousa Santos)]

Luís Armando Gandin and Álvaro Moreira Hypolito

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In this interview, Boaventura Santos analyzes the phenomenon of globalization – understood simultaneously as a hegemonic and counter-hegemonic process – and the relationship between local and global. He argues that in order to understand the Brazilian situation, for example, in this global context, it is necessary to understand the particular postcolonial position of the country, thus avoiding the importation of a debate based in other social contexts. Furthermore, Boaventura Santos introduces us to his concept of “emancipatory multiculturalism”, which recognizes the difference among cultures – which overcomes the formalism that merely adds elements of the dominated cultures to the margins of the dominant culture – and also recognizes internal differences in each culture. Boaventura Santos also presents his epistemological position, which he calls oppositional postmodernism (he makes sure he differentiates his position from the one which claims that we cannot talk about the crucial modern issues anymore). For him we live modern problems – which should be dealt with – for which modern science does not have answers and, therefore, a new kind of multicultural scientific approach is needed. Finally, Santos talks about education as a privileged field to the creation of what he calls “paradigmatic subjectivities".



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