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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Currículo, etnomatemática e educação popular: um estudo em um assentamento do movimento sem terra (Curriculum, Ethnomathematics, and Popular Education: A Study in a Settlement of the Landless Movement)

Gelsa Knijnik

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The present study describes and analyses the third phase of an investigation carried out in a settlement of the Landless Movement in southern Brazil (more precisely in Rio Grande do Sul). Its main foci are the connections between popular education and the branch of mathematics called ethnomathematics. More specifically, this paper focuses on the repercussions of a pedagogical project centered on one of the productive activities of the community, namely the harvest of lettuce. These repercussions are examined through the inter-relations between several social actors: the Math teacher, the 7th grade students of the settlement school, settled families, and the agronomist who provides the technical support. The procedures and method used were direct and participant observation, field diary, and interviews. The theoretical sources are the Popular Education and Ethnomathematics literature.



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