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Espaços agrários de inclusão e exclusão social: novas configurações do campo brasileiro (Agrarian spaces of social inclusion and exclusion: New configurations of the Brazilian land)

Bernardo Mançano Fernandes

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This paper analyses the new land configurations in Brazil and looks into ‘space’ as the dimension of reality that is materialized as territory and is made up by different social relations. It discusses the processes of social inclusion and exclusion as a result of political actions that are born amidst this contradictory space where social relations coexist. Furthermore, it examines spaces of inclusion such as the struggle for land through occupations and settlements, and spaces of exclusion such as the judicialization of the struggle for the land and some aspects related to family agriculture. It also looks at the concepts of the new social environments and peasant agriculture. Finally, it analyses the meaning and the perspectives of an agrarian reform nowadays.



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