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Mapeando a [complexa] produção teórica educacional - Entrevista com Tomaz Tadeu da Silva (Mapping the [complex] theoretical work on education – Interview with Tomaz Tadeu da Silva)

Luís Armando Gandin, João M. Paraskeva e Álvaro Moreira Hypolito

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This interview deals with themes related to critical theory, post-structuralism, and post-critical theory, taking into consideration educational and curricular theoretical aspects. Tomaz Tadeu da Silva offers, from his own theoretical trajectory, an evaluation of the educational theoretical production. He claims that there are limitations in the educational critical theory and that this position has lost its strength and also points to the need of searching for new paradigms in the interpretation of the complexity of the educational phenomena. He formulates the principles of what he has called post-critical theory and develops some ideas about the philosophy of difference and his examination of Deleuze's contribution. Finally, he offers some considerations on counter-hegemonic experiences in education in the current context of globalization and neo-liberalism.



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