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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Uma análise Foucaultiana da TV: das estratégias de subjetivação na cultura (A Foucauldian analysis of TV: on subjectivation strategies in culture)

Rosa Maria Bueno Fischer

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This article discusses the results of a research on television productions from the perspective called "media pedagogical device". Using as theoretical tools the concepts of "techniques of the self" and "subjectivation" from Michel Foucault, as well as the concept of "televisibility" from Beatriz Sarlo, the article describes the language strategies of television as directly related to processes of subject constitution in contemporary culture. Some of the findings of the research are presented regarding: a) the various exposure techniques of individuals to television; b) the related inclusions, exclusions, and the treatment of difference; c) the ways of transforming lives in performance; d) the ways of confirming the TV as a pedagogical locus.



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