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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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"Endireitar" a educação: as escolas e a nova aliança conservadora (Educating the "right" way: the schools and the new conservative alliance)

Michael W. Apple

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With this article Apple promotes an analysis over the new hegemonic bloc that since the early 80´s has been profoundly towering in determining both the rhythm and bits of current social policies. This historical bloc that includes neo-liberals, neoconservatives, the new professional middle class and the authoritarian populists, is driven by neo-liberal insights, and Apple in his analyses tries to examine not only the way these groups overcome their own antagonisms and discrepancies in order to maintain a specific societal power position but also how these neo-liberal policies are rather lethal to the lives of millions and millions of individuals, by adulterating and damaging the very concept of a democratic society.



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