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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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Tempos da Escola no Espaço Portugal-Brasil-Moçambique: Dez Digressões Sobre um Programa de Investigação (School Time in the Space of Portugal-Brazil-Mozambique: Ten Digressions about a Research Program)

António Nóvoa

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In this article, the author challenges the uniformity of thought that has been imposed in the academic field, emphasizing the necessity of giving more visibility to new theoretical and practical perspectives. This is an unfinished paper, where the author tries to map the paths followed in the work on compulsory education in Portugal, Brazil, and Mozambique. This analysis is accomplished through ten digressions. The initial three, refer to the meanings of this research. The following three digressions suggest processes of theoretical reconstruction that allows for the creation of tools to interpret a "relational space" - three countries, from three different continents, with partially overlapping histories - something that have not been present on comparative studies. Finally, the last four digressions are dedicated to the identification of the thematic of reference, which function as point of entry of the investigation, helping to situate the sources that will be used in each of the participant countries.


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