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Currículo sem Fronteiras
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O Campo do Currículo no Brasil: os anos noventa (The field of Curriculum in Brazil: the nineties)

Antônio Flávio Barbosa Moreira

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Departing from interviews with authors, nationally recognized, with an expressive contribution in the field of curriculum, and politically engaged in the construction of a more just and democratic society, this article aims at understanding their point of view about the directions that the theory and teaching of curriculum are taking, its impasses, influences, and possibilities. The argument of the article is that, based on what the researchers said, one can capture how the studies on curriculum are approached in different academic settings. The article presents the perspectives of these authors on the following thematic sections: the theorization on curriculum, the teaching of curriculum in the university, and the practice in the school. Among the conclusions of this study is the idea that the researchers of curriculum need to better delimit the themes that will be given priority in their research. The article suggests that one's theorization should have as reference the schooling and its economic, political, and cultural conditions of existence. Finally, this study points out to the pressing need to both discuss and revise the content and methods used in the teaching of curriculum in our universities and suggests some questions that could help to guide this discussion.




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