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A Posição do Planejamento Participativo entre as Ferramentas de Intervenção na Realidade (The Position of Participatory Planning among the Tools of Intervention in Reality)

Danilo Gandin

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This article positions the Participatory Planning as a differentiated school among the possible alternatives in the area of planning. After enumerating situations in which planning becomes necessary and analyzing different perspectives in the field, as the Total Quality Management or Strategic Planning, the article shows the underpinnings and the strategies of action of the Participatory Planning. In this perspective, participation includes the distribution of power and the possibility of deliberating not only on the construction of the “how” or “with what”, but also of the “what” and “for whom”. The approach of the Participatory Planning goes further into more complex and ample questions, fighting the notion of neutrality and searching for ways of interfering in the social reality in order to transform it and construct it in a direction established collaboratively by all participants of the institution, group or movement.


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