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Currículo sem Fronteiras
 A journal for a critical and emancipatory education   ISSN 1645-1384

Educational and Curricular Restructuring and the Neo-liberal and Neo-conservative Agendas: Interview with Michael Apple

Michael F. Shaughnessy, Kathy Peca and Janna Siegel

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In this interview Michael Apple’s theoretical standpoint is made clear: he analyses educational and curricular restructuring in the context of the neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies and discusses educational contemporary themes covering a broad range of issues. Themes related to the fields of sociology of education, critical theory, and curriculum are discussed not only in the context of the educational policies of the US but also in the global context. Among the issues addressed by Apple are the advances of the New Right and the forms by which the conservative movements have been articulating themselves politically to impose their views about textbooks, national curriculum, and teacher education. The interview also deals with aspects of multiculturalism and the dynamics of race, class, and gender, working towards an understanding of the movements of struggle and resistance conducted by teachers and other social actors in opposition to neo-liberal and neo-conservative agendas.



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