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Currículo sem Fronteiras
 A journal for a critical and emancipatory education   ISSN 1645-1384

Currículo sem Fronteiras [Curriculum without Borders] is a publication that aims at being a forum for discussion on critical and emancipatory education and for advancing the dialogue among the Portuguese-speaking countries.


The first issue of the twenty first volume of Currículo sem Fronteiras is now available. Click here to view the articles.

Currículo sem Fronteiras is ranked as "A2" (the second highest in the ranking system) by QUALIS-CAPES, Brazil and is indexed at Scopus.

In 2012, Currículo sem Fronteiras started publishing three issues per year (one of the numbers is published in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Curriculum (ABdC)).

Contestation, conflict, and contradiction are part and parcel of real life and, by implication, of education. There is a naïveté in imagining that life can be lived without struggle, or that education could be provided without tensions or conflicts. The journal Currículo sem Fronteiras understands this basic epistemological principle of critical pedagogy and transformative social action aiming, in the best of the Freirean tradition, to set the tone for a serious conversation about politics and pedagogy as social activism.

Carlos A. Torres

Currículo sem Fronteiras is an impressive and original contribution to the critical educational tradition. It challenges us to think about the relationship between capitalism and pedagogy, and is especially instructive for those of us struggling against the myriad forms of exploitation and oppression that result from such a relationship. Especially at this current historical moment we need journals such as Currículo sem Fronteiras whose discussions and analyses span regions, countries, and continents, and bring us closer together within a collective vision of liberation that is at once critical and filled with hope.

Peter McLaren

In difficult times like this, critical education theory and practice are even more needed. Currículo sem Fronteiras comes at a very appropriate time.

Michael Apple

Undoubtedly, Currículo sem Fronteiras will not only be a space for the advancement of knowledge in the field of education, but also for the rise of strategies and practices geared toward the construction of more just and democratic schools and societies.

Antônio Flávio Moreira


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